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Best Fishing in Destin Florida

Best Fishing in Destin Florida

What could be more relaxing than enjoying a fishing trip in a sunny and scenic destination? In the warm coastal waters of Destin, Florida, an endless stream of fish species swim beneath the surface. Wet-N-Wild Watersports has the charter boat packages you need to catch some for yourself! Here are the best type of fish you can catch, either just off the shore or deep sea fishing:

1. Dolphin Fish (Mahi-Mahi)

Known for their vibrant blue, green, and yellow colors, the Dolphin Fish(or Mahi Mahi) is truly a great catch. These fish average around 30 pounds but can grow up to 80 pounds on some occasions! Dolphin Fish are fast and strong, so be prepared for them to put up a fight once hooked.

2. King Mackerel (Kingfish)

The mighty King Mackerel can be found all year long in Florida! A silver fish with a darker streak along their backs, King Mackerel (or Kingfish) typically weigh around 20 pounds. These fish can be caught either inshore or offshore.

3. Grouper

Grouper are abundant in Florida! They tend to stay inshore with the warmer water when the temperatures are chilly, but move farther offshore in the summer. Grouper are massive fish, usually weighing around 50-100 pounds!

4. Greater Amberjack

These massive fish are truly a prize catch! While these fish are about 40 pounds on average, many Greater Amberjack grow to weigh over 100 pounds. They are generally a brownish, golden color and put up a good fight when hooked!

5. Red Snapper

Although on the smaller size, the Red Snapper is still an excellent catch. They can be found in both shallow and deep waters and are a bright, rosy red in color. Red snapper usually weigh around 4 pounds and are rarely bigger than 20 pounds. See how many of these fish you can haul in during your next fishing trip!

6. Triggerfish

A dark gray in color, Triggerfish inhabit both inshore and offshore areas in Florida. They usually weigh around 1-3 pounds and can be tricky to hook since they have small mouths. However, their tasty meat is worth it!

7. Cobia

These fish can easily be mistaken for a small shark in the water! Cobia Tend to weigh about 20-50 pounds and are dark gray or brown in color. The biggest cobia caught in Florida weighed 130 pounds! See if you can break that record during your next fishing trip in Destin, FL.

If you’re craving a fishing getaway, contact us at Wet-N-Wild Watersports! We have everything you need to enjoy the best fishing trip ever in Destin, Florida. Reserve your spot today!