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Parasailing Tips & FAQs

Parasailing Tips & FAQs
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Destin Parasailing Tips And Frequently Asked Questions

Is Parasailing In Destin Scary?

No. It is not scary, but it’s quite a thrill! In fact, most riders say that once they’ve started riding in the clouds and have wind in their face, the experience is quite peaceful. There are things our captains can do to make your experience a little more exciting. For example, you can be dipped in the water during your flight to add another level of thrill.

Do I Need Complete Any Forms Or Waivers Before Arriving To Parasail In Destin?

Yes. Everyone that parasails with us is required to first sign a waiver. Digital versions of both our adult and minor waivers for Parasailing with us are included in directly below.

Who Can Parasail?

  •  All flyers must be at least 6 years old and weigh at least 60lbs.
  • All observers must be at least 3 years old.
  • Women who are pregnant are not permitted to participate in parasailing trips.

How Do I Take Off And Land?

Historically people launched with a running start on the beach. To make things safer, we’ve installed a launch deck on all of our parasail boats. These ensure you’ll always have a safe, gentle take off and landing.

Will You Dip Me In The Ocean? Will I Get Wet?

Only if you want to! Getting dipped definitely adds some excitement to your experience, but it’s not for everyone. For your safety, in high wind conditions getting dipped may not be possible. You’ll be lifted from a platform at the rear of the boat, so you won’t be jumping in the water. But, it’s still best to plan on getting a little wet. So don’t bring an expensive camera without a waterproof case!

Do You Offer Photo Packages?

Yes we do! Our parasail boat captains are not only experts at creating unforgettable memories, but they are also great at capturing these moments. Please confirm more details with your boat’s captain.

What’s It Like To Go Parasailing?