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Destin Triggerfish Season

Destin Triggerfish Season
Wet N Wild Watersports -Triggerfish
Wet N Wild Watersports Destin Triggerfish Season 2

Now that grouper season is becoming shorter, the grey triggerfish is becoming more and more enticing, and the time to get some for yourself is now!

The grey reef fish is as delicious as it is entertaining to catch. Our experienced boat captains and crew know how to spot them swimming in depths of 60 to 120 feet below the surface in warm coastal waters. Using a sliver of squid as bait, triggerfish will aggressively beat out other competitors by nipping at their fins. When you’ve finally got it hooked, hold on tight. Even though the trigger fish averages about 15 inches, they will make even snapper poles bend.

Now for the fun part! Holding the grey reef fish upright, you’ll see the small spine at the base of the primary dorsal fin that when pressing down, will “trigger” the main fin to lower (hence the name). Once you’re done showing off to your friends, get ready to indulge in one of the finest fish along the Gulf. The Triggerfish fillets are light and thin, so they’re perfect for any standard recipe, but pan frying with some lemon and butter is the recommended preparation.

Triggerfish season will close in January 16th and reopen on March 1st with the following regulations: A bag limit of 1 fish and minimum size of 15 inches fork length.

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