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Destin Dolphin Tours to Crab Island

Destin Dolphin Tours to Crab Island

Florida’s Emerald Coast offers many attractions, perhaps none so fun as the opportunities offered with Crab Island tours! Whether you choose to rent a boat on your own or hire a captain and crew to take you out, Crab Island is undeniably the Hot Spot destination for visitors to Destin, Florida.

When Is An Island NOT An Island?

For first time visitors, the first surprise about Crab Island is the fact that it doesn’t look like an island. It began as one, to be sure, but the tides in the Gulf of Mexico have caused sands to drift over time, eroding the original island into a submerged sandbar.
With crystal clear warm water about waist deep to most adults, this underwater island presents the perfect spot to anchor a boat and enjoy the best of Florida’s water enjoyments.

Crab Island can be reached by boat if you would like to charter a tour or even take out a rental boat on your own. If you have some energy to expend, you can even take a kayak out to the sandbar hot spot. (Just take into account the strong tides and boat traffic you are likely to encounter.)

However you choose to arrive, Crab Island is a unique spot due to the underwater topography. Reef fish congregate in the shallows and the water is absolutely beautiful. Add some sunshine and good company, and you have a winning recipe for a vacation day in Florida!

What Makes Crab Island Such A Popular Hot Spot?

Snorkeling, swimming, fishing, and relaxing in the sunshine on the deck of a boat are amazing ways to experience Florida. If you have in mind a little more adventure, Crab Island offers even more activities.

Crab Island Waterpark offers an obstacle course of inflatables, a gigantic water slide, and trampoline jumping on the water. You can play volleyball with an inflatable net in the waist deep water. Alternatively, you can also enjoy a kayak or paddleboard in the shallows around an anchored boat. Another hot floating attraction is the stage featuring local bands and music.

One of the beauties of the Crab Island adventure is the fact that you can choose how you want to experience the local offerings. Whether you are looking for a family-friendly outing or a party, you can choose your spot accordingly and enjoy!

If you would like some pointers, just ask the locals: tour companies and folks who live in the area can fill you in on events and concerts at Crab Island, as well as tips regarding tide and timing.

Pack a picnic or charter a tour that includes a food buffet, music, and sports equipment. Crab Island is only a few minutes by boat from the Destin docks, so you can spend your day enjoying activities instead of traveling to a distant destination. Whatever kind of outing you envision, you can make it happen with Crab Island Tours!