New Pontoon Rental Times: as of November 7, Full Day Rental: 10AM-6PM (8HR) $400 | Morning Half-Day Rental: 9AM-1PM (4HR) $225 | Afternoon Half-Day Rental: 2PM-6PM (4HR) $225

Pontoon Boat Facts & Forms

Pontoon Boat Facts & Forms
Wet N Wild Watersports -Facts And Forms 2
Wet N Wild Watersports Pontoon Boat Facts & Forms 2

Pontoon Rental Location And Forms

Reserve a Pontoon Boat online or by calling 850-790-6169. Expedite your check-in process by completing this Florida Boat Rental Education Digital Course and all needed digital waivers that are featured below. All pontoon boats can be rented on-site, but since inventory is limited, reservations are encouraged.

Pontoon Boat Rental Size

  • 24′ 60HP Grand Island Pontoon Boat (Holds up to 12 People)

Pick-Up Location For Renting Pontoon Boats

Kid Friendly Destin Boat Rentals

  •  The cost of gas is included in your rental
  •  Pontoon rentals are easy to drive. First timer? No problem!
  •  Pontoon boats are big enough for the whole family or group!

Destin Pontoon Rental Durations

  • 2 Hour Pontoon Rentals
  • 4 Hour Pontoon Rentals
  • Rent Pontoon Boat for 8 Hours