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Parasailing in Destin FL

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Why Parasail with Wet N' Wild?

Gentle Take Off & Landing

We use the best harnesses, tow ropes, and parachutes - all of which are certified by the US Coast Guard - to make your flight smooth from start to finish.

Family & Group Friendly

Whether you're a solo flyer or with a larger group, we can accommodate everyone! With single, double, and triple parasailing options available, three people can share the fun of parasailing at once.

Low Price Guarantee

Even during the height of the summer we constantly have ongoing promotions that make Wet N' Wild the most affordable parasailing company in Destin.

Convenient Location

Unlike many of our competitors, we're located in the heart of Destin Harbor - just a few minutes walk from HarborWalk Village. Our central location means you're always just minutes away!


Experience Destin's stunning emerald waters and white beaches from an entirely new perspective. You'll glide among the clouds, against a gentle breeze of fresh ocean air. This bird's eye view of the Gulf of Mexico is a truly unique experience reserved only for those that parasail during their vacation in Destin. On a clear day, you can see over 20 miles!

During your adventure in the sky, you'll see surface-dwelling aquatic life such as dolphins, porpoises, large schools of fish, and various other wildlife native to the warm waters of the gulf.

Summary of What to Expect

#1: Arrive

Arrive at our location 30 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time. Our convenient location has ample parking and doesn't require a shuttle to an off-site destination like many of our competitors.

#2: Safety Briefing

One of our experienced captains will give you and your boat-mates 10-15 minute safety orientation. Parasailing is one of the safest water sports but it's still important you understand the basic safety procedures and precautions before taking to the clouds.

#4: Load Up & Depart

Each time slot can accommodate a max of six parasailers, not including captain and crew. After a short boat ride, you'll be a several hundred yards from Destin's famous sugary white beaches where the first parasailer will launch from the flight deck.

The duration of your flight depends on the number of participants onboard, if you're doing a double, triple, or single, the weather, etc. But, most parasail rides last around 10 minutes.

#5: Head Back to Shore

After everyone's taken their turn and pictures have been taken, we'll return back to the harbor. The time from when you're briefed to when you return to the dock will take an average of 45 minutes to an hour. If there's time, the captain will likely stop by one of the local dolphins' favorite spots on the way in. With a little luck, you'll find yourself within 5 yards of wild bottlenose dolphins. For a more _____ encounter with Destin's dolphin population, check out our dolphin tours.

Scroll down to our FAQ section to learn more about our parasailing services, our cancellation policies, and more.

Want to Fly High Above Destin?

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“The last three times we've been to Destin we've done some sort of activity at Wet N' Wild. Travis and his staff are amazing and the kids absolutely love it!"

Jenny M. - Montgomery, AL

“It was AWESOME! That's gotta be the highest I've ever been...I think I saw a whale or a shark or something from up there...something huge."

John L. - 11 Year Old from Houston, TX

“Our two boys love parasailing when we come down to the beach. We've used Just Chute Me, H20, and now Wet N' Wild. Of the three Wet N' Wild was by far the best experience. The boys absolutely fell in love with the crew of our parasailing boat. They're phenomenal with kids!"

Karen G. - Atlanta, GA

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Parasailing Scary?

No. It's not scary, but it's quite a thrill! In fact, most riders say that once they've started riding in the clouds and have wind in their face, the experience is quite peaceful.

There are things our captains can do to make your experience a little more exciting. For example, you can be dipped in the water during your flight to add another level of thrill.

Do You Only Provide Service for People in Destin?

Nope! Visitors come from across the Emerald Coast to parasail, rent jet skis, take tours of Crab Island, rent pontoon boats, and book fishing trips with Wet N' Wild Watersports. We regularly have customers from Miramar Beach, Santa Rosa, Grayton, Sandestin, Fort Walton, Blue Mountain Beach, Seaside, Okaloosa Island, and even Panama City (about a 30 minute drive down 30-A).

Can Non-Flyers (i.e. those who aren't parasailing) Ride in the Boat?

If there's room the boat, absolutely. Be sure to mention this to the booking agent when you call to make a reservation.

How Do I Take Off and Land?

Historically people launched with a running start on the beach. To make things safer, we've installed a launch deck on all of our parasail boats. These ensure you'll always have a safe, gentle take off and landing.

Will You Dip Me in the Ocean? Will I Get Wet?

Only if you want to! Getting dipped definitely adds some excitement to your experience, but it's not for everyone. For your safety, in high wind conditions getting dipped may not be possible.

You'll be lifted from a platform at the rear of the boat, so you won't be jumping in the water. But, it's still best to plan on getting a little wet. So don't bring an expensive camera without a waterproof case!

Do You Offer Photo Packages?

We absolutely encourage you to take pictures or even bring a GoPro with you for one-of-a-kind footage of Destin's beautiful, white sandy beaches and crystal clear water. Our crew members or captain will even take a picture for you!

Weather Cancellation Policy

Weather conditions are simply out of our hands. And, a safe parasailing experience is dependent on good weather conditions. Unfortunately, even when there are sunny skies extremely windy conditions can prevent us from going out. If bad weather prevents us from parasailing at your scheduled time, we'll do everything in our power to ensure you're able to experience parasailing during your vacation. If we're unable to reschedule, you'll receive a 100% refund.

What Happens if I Don't Show Up for a Scheduled Time?

If you're a "no show", i.e. you don't cancel a trip within 24 hours, you'll be charged in full. Please understand that space on our boats is limited and in high demand. A customer not showing up for a parasailing trip almost always means someone else not being able to go during their limited vacation time.

Are There Any Age or Weight Restrictions?



Age Limits

Weight Restrictions

Reservations required?

Be sure to check ask about our bundled packages to receive a discount on jet ski rentals, pontoon boat rentals, or any of our other services if booked on the same day.

How Much Does Parasailing Cost?

We have the most competitive rates in town. Rates start at around $45, depending on how many people fly at once and whether you want to purchase one of our picture packages. The price can also be reduced if you bundle it with one or more of our other activities. We accept competitors coupons and will match any other offers you find in Okaloosa County.

Is Parasailing Safe?

When properly run, parasailing is incredibly safe. Aside from being in compliance with Florida's parasailing statutes and laws, we have some of the most experienced operators on the Florida panhandle. You'll undergo a safety briefing just before you get on the boat and all of our equipment and crew are certified by the U.S. coast guard. Our attention to detail, such as a careful watch of weather conditions and wind speeds, combined with our experience make Wet-n-Wild Watersports among the most reliable parasailing operators in Destin.