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Dolphin Tours in Destin FL

Experience Destin's Native Dolphin Population in Their Natural Habitat

Have you always dreamed of seeing dolphins up close? You’re not alone, and if you’re vacationing in Destin, Florida, Wet-N-Wild Water Sports can make your dream a reality.

Few animals are more closely associated with Florida than the dolphin. While many amusement park attractions have dolphin exhibits, there’s nothing more wonderful than seeing these animals in their natural habitat.

Whether you learned to love dolphins from watching Flipper or reading Douglas Adams, many people have intense connections with the sights, sounds, and playful antics of these fascinating marine mammals. If you enjoyed seeing dolphins partner with human trainers to show off their impressive flying skills at SeaWorld, you simply have to see a school of dolphins playing on nature's playground.

On a dolphin cruise we take you right to dolphins' favorite areas to play in and around Destin Harbor. You’ll be able to watch them fly in the air  as they amuse themselves. With an underwater camera, you can make memories your friends will envy when you get home from vacation.

And, it’s not just the dolphins you’ll see while you’re enjoying the emerald waters of Florida’s Gulf Coast. You’ll also see the most secret places in Destin’s beaches, observe the world famous parasailing in Destin, or can cruise out to Crab Island, where the waist high water gives you the perfect chance to enjoy an afternoon of relaxing play in the soft warm water of the ocean.

Think of it as a guided pontoon boat rental in Destin. You'll explore the Emerald Coast's most beautiful hotspots. Your captain will show you the best places to snorkle, swim, and sunbathe with your family.

We pride ourselves on offering a unique and special experience. Don’t leave this adventure off your vacation itinerary! Call us to reserve a spot on the most exciting dolphin cruises in Destin.

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I can't believe how close we actually got the dolphin! I probably could have reached out and touched one if I wanted.

Jasmine L.

At first I wasn't exactly sure what to expect from a dolphin tour. I thought we were going to be put on a big boat with the chance of seeing a dolphin or two a couple hundred yards away. Was I wrong! We were guided on jet skis to about four different spots the dolphins seem to love. I lost count at something like 20 dolphin, all swimming right around us.

Benton S.

If you or your children like Sea world, wait until you take a dolphin tour with Wet-N-Wild Watersports! You'll get to see a bottlenose dolphin doing acrobatic jumps in their natural environment. Much cooler than seeing them in what amounted to a cage.

Adam B.

Dolphin Cruise FAQ's

Can you guarantee I'll see dolphins on my boat cruise?

Unfortunately, since we’re looking for animals in the wild, we can’t guarantee that every trip will see a school of dolphins at play. However, since all of our captains are local and experienced, we know many of the dolphins favorite places to spend their time. If you want to see dolphins on your tour, we’ll do absolutely everything possible to make that happen.

How should I prepare for a boat cruise?

While you don’t need to bring anything other than yourself to enjoy one of our boat cruises, there are some items that may increase your comfort while we travel the turquoise waters of Florida’s Gulf Coast. Consider bringing:

  • Beach towels
  • Beach mats, if you want to spend some time relaxing on a private beach
  • Swimsuits, water shoes, or beach shoes
  • Snorkeling gear: mask, snorkel, fins, flotation devices if necessary
  • Camera: we recommend using waterproof cameras to make sure you can capture as many memories as possible
  • Food and beverages: both our boats and jet skis have room for a cooler to keep your refreshments cool and fresh.

Can everyone enjoy your boat cruise?

Yes! Everyone can enjoy our cruises, regardless of age, ability, or physical condition. Our docks are fully accessible for those who have different mobility needs.

If some of your party members are concerned about sea sickness, know that we ride over calm and smooth waters. If they’re very concerned, a tab of Dramamine is a good backup plan, but most of our guests do just fine.

What size of group can your boat cruises accommodate?

Our cruise boats carry up to six passengers, and still have room for your gear and personal belongings. For groups with more than six passengers, we are happy to bring more than one boat for your personal cruise flotilla.

Why should I choose your boat cruises over the competitors?

Unlike other tour boat operators, who offer a pre-planned boat tour determined by how long you want to spend on the water, we want to make sure you have the experience of your lifetime. You tell us where you want to go and what you want to do, and we get you there. The boat’s captain, and its crew, are at your command.

Have a specific destination in mind? We have the local knowledge to make sure you see the sights. Want to see something specific? Tell us, and we’ll do everything in our power to make it happen, whether it’s seeing dolphins or relaxing on a your own beachfront paradise.

You can even take a turn at the wheel, if you’d like, or you can relax and leave the boat’s operation to us. You’re the admiral for the day with Wet-N-Wild Water Sports.

What different types of boat cruises do you offer?

Unlike other cruise companies, we want to make sure you see what you want to see. We do have pre-charted cruises, but if there’s something you want to see that isn’t on our list, please tell us, so we can make it happen.

Our cruise options include:

  • Dolphin boat cruises and tours
  • Crab Island cruise, including floating attractions like music stages and restaurants, to water parks and snorkeling
  • Sunset cruises
  • Destin Harbor tours

What are the attractions of boat tours in Destin?

No trip to Florida’s Gulf Coast is complete without spending some time cruising the turquoise waters off our shores. In our comfortable, cushioned cruise boat, you’ll experience the joy of the tour itself, and have the chance to encounter dolphins, snorkel with brightly colored reef fish, explore local beaches and islands, and enjoy the sights with a knowledgeable local captain.

Do you want to enjoy the warm breeze over the open water, or collect seashells and sand dollars on a gorgeous sandy beach? Wet-N-Wild Water Sports boat and crew are at your disposal to make it happen.