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What’s it Like to Rent a Jet Ski?

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Rent a Jet Ski

People are planning their vacations and looking for fun, affordable activities that their whole family or all their friends can enjoy. One great option is taking the family out for a jet ski rental adventure. Rent a Jet Ski, also known as wave runners, personal watercraft or PWC, is a very safe and affordable way for the whole family to experience an exciting day out on the water. If you’ve been looking for a great, family-friendly day trip or a day of fun with good friends but don’t know much about using or renting wave runners, here’s a crash course in what they are and how to enjoy them!

First, a little background: personal watercraft are essentially motorized vehicles that a person rides on top of (or through) water – usually lakes, rivers, oceans and bays. They sort of resemble motorcycles or snowmobiles that are used on water instead of land or snow. Think of a personal sized boat…a fair comparison would be that a motorcycle is to a car what a jet ski is to a boat (at least “sort of”). While the technical name for these vehicles is “personal watercraft,” many refer to them as jet skis or wave runners. Both “Jet Ski” and “Wave Runner” are actually brand names, but each phrase is now commonly used to refer to the vehicle itself rather than the manufacturer of the vehicle. All three phrases (wave runner, jet ski, and personal watercraft) can be used interchangeably to refer to these vehicles.

While many people worry that these vehicles are dangerous, the truth is that they are extremely safe, provided that you are trained in their use and follow all federal and local rules and regulations governing them. Most people won’t want to spend their vacations reading up on federal/local rules and regulations, but if you select a reputable jet ski rental business, the staff will be able and willing to teach you the basic information you need to know. Many places that rent jet skis require that visitors take a short tutorial prior to embarking on their water adventure. Each locale may have different rules concerning wave runner use, so it is strongly recommended that even experienced riders review jet ski safety rules and local regulations before riding.

Things to Keep in Mind When Renting a Waverunner

• Does the jet ski rental business offer training and safety lessons to new customers, and is the staff willing to answer all questions you have regarding the use and safety of the wave runners?
• What is the facility’s location relative to the bodies of water you intend to visit, and do they have a means for you to transport your jet ski rentals to/from the water? If so, is there an additional fee?
• If you are planning to rent a wave runner as a day trip on part of a larger vacation, are there places to rent wave runners within a reasonable driving distance of your destination?

For example, there are facilities that provide personal watercraft rentals within Destin that very popular and fun tourist destination. Destin is the perfect place for jet skis.

So if you are looking for a new and exciting adventure for your family vacation this year in and around Destin for jet ski rentals, consider renting a jet ski from Wet N Wild Watersports – it’s guaranteed to be an awesome experience your family will love!