How do I go about reserving and renting a pontoon boat?
Reserving your boat is as easy as can be. You are welcome to call us, or stop by at our location on Destin Harbor. You can call ahead to reserve your boat and cruise, or schedule your rental once you’re already on vacation. This will be the highlight of your Florida Gulf vacation, so don’t miss out.
What equipment is included with a rental pontoon boat, and what should I bring?
Your boat will have:

  • a full tank of gas
  • USCG safety gear
  • charts of the local waterways
  • The boat is equipped with a bimini top (shade canopy)

You should consider bringing:

  • beach towels
  • coolers with food and beverages
  • snorkeling or fishing gear
  • sunscreen
  • cameras

If you do plan on fishing, you will need to get a Florida fishing license, available at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Are pontoon boats a kid-friendly option?
Absolutely! In fact, even your four-legged “kids” can join you for the ride. Our pontoon boats are so safe and simple to operate that even kids can take a turn at the wheel. The stability of the boat makes it easy to corral even very young children while you’re in motion. It’s also easy to disembark for a swim or an exploratory expedition on a beach.
How many people can cruise in your pontoon boat?
Our boats are certified for as many as a dozen passengers (that does include children). If you have a larger group, consider renting two boats. When you get to your destination, tie them together, and have a floating party dock.
Do I need special certifications to operate a pontoon boat?
Not at all! Our boats are safe and simple to handle, and there are no certification or experience requirements to pilot our pontoon boats. They’re even simpler than driving a car; forward, reverse, steering.

The boat’s renter is required to be more than 18 years old, but there is no age limit for passengers. Our staff members will give you the simple demo of how to drive the boat before you take off, and you will be good to go! We will also familiarize you with the boat’s safety equipment (such as the personal floatation devices required by the U.S. Coast Guard). We will also be happy to go over the chart (water map) of the waters around Destin before you head out. Ask for the inside tips of local favorites and you will find some spots the tour boat crowds never see!

Why rent a pontoon boat? What are the advantages?
When you rent one of our comfortable pontoon boats, you make the entire Destin seascape your own playground. Rather than being held to the schedule (and expense!) of a tour boat operator, you can set the agenda AND the course of sail! You and your group can enjoy each other’s company without being crowded onto a deck full of other tourists. Go where you want, when you want.

Think of it this way: when you arrive at a destination vacation, do you rent a car to give yourself freedom and privacy, or do you plan to rely on public transportation for the entire duration of your stay? Of course you rent a car! You don’t want your vacation to be ruled by bus schedules or other timetables, and you don’t want to get crowded by strangers on your journey. The same holds true when touring the emerald waters of Destin, Florida’s gorgeous Gulf coast. You don’t have to pick a schedule or destination from the fixed menu of tourist boats because you have the freedom and privacy to transport yourself.

Pontoon Boat Rentals in Destin Florida

Boat rentals in Destin make it easy to have the most fun in the sun as  possible while visiting Destin’s beaches.  Boat rentals in Destin, FL are our specialty and that is why we have such a huge selection of pontoon boats for you to choose from!  From sporty fishing boats, relaxing sailboats to exclusive pontoon boat rentals and super fast powerboats, we have the Destin boat rental you are looking for.

If you’re interested in a relaxing all-day event on the water, you will love our latest addition to our fleet; we now hold the only 24-foot with a 115 HP Pontoon boat in the Harbor!

Call (850) 344-1659  today and book your boat rental in Destin and find yourself riding along the beautiful waters of the Destin, Florida.

With so many boats to choose from, let Wet-N-Wild Watersports in Destin provide you with the best available boat for you and your party! Whether you are looking to sail the ocean blue, go fishing, or maybe sunset cruising is more your speed, Wet-N-Wild Watersports can get you there, and for the best rate in Destin!

With specialty boats that hold up to 16 people, and boats with 115HP, the possibilities for fun are endless! There is so much to do on the water in Destin, your trip is sure to make memories to last a lifetime!

Anchor out at Crab Island for live music on floating stages, fresh food at a restaurant on water, or even get some shopping done at the floating general store, Destin Ice and Tackle. Crab Island is one of Destin’s best attractions, and the best way to get you and your party out there is on one of our party pontoon boats!

Looking for something more relaxing? We’ve got the boat for you! Wet-N-Wild Watersports in Destin can get you along your friends and family out on the water to take a sunset cruise, fishing in the Choctawhatchee Bay, or touring the Destin Harbor at your own pace!

Maybe you have a need for speed? Wet-N-Wild Watersports has Destin’s only 24-foot pontoon rental with 115HP. Speed on past those other pontoon rentals in this brand new top of the line pontoon with up to 16 of your friends and family!

Whatever adventure you are looking for, Wet-N-Wild can assist you by providing you a specialty boat rental, at the best available rate in Destin! Call (850) 344-1659 to book your Destin boat rental today!

    10 Reasons to Book a Pontoon Boat for Your Vacation

  1. Pontoon boats are easy to drive. First timer? No problem!
  2. You don’t have to worry about gas. We take care of that.
  3. Forget typical water views. With a pontoon, you get personalized Gulf view of the Destin Harbor and Crab Island.
  4. You don’t have to wash the boat at the end of a long day. (Because, really, who wants to do that?)
  5. You can bring your own food and drinks on the boat. Just pack a bag or cooler and hop on.
  6. Enjoy a day of fresh salty air and warm Florida sunshine.
  7. Pontoon boats are big enough for the whole family (or office, out-of-town guests or bachelor/bachelorette parties).
  8. All necessary safety equipment is included. No worries – we’ve got you covered.
  9. You’re on vacation. Why not?
  10. A Destin pontoon boat rental is a lifetime memory just waiting to happen!