How should I prepare for a boat cruise?
You can show up with absolutely no packing or preparation, but you are also welcome to bring your own gear, food, and personal items. You might consider, for example, packing some of the following items:


  • beach towels for swimming off the boat or beach
  • beach mats if you plan to have our crew pull up at a private beach sunscreen
  • swimsuits and water shoes or beach footwear
  • snorkeling gear (mask, snorkel, and fins, along with a flotation device for any member of your party who might need one)
  • camera or video camera (waterproof versions would increase your options for capturing memories) coolers with snack food, picnics, and beverages of your choice

Bring your smile!

Can everyone enjoy your boat cruise?
Yes, absolutely! There are no restrictions of age, ability, or physical condition when it comes to our boat cruises. You can bring your kids and your grandparents, and our accessible docks make it simple to include people with disabilities. If any members of your party are concerned about sea-sickness, you can reassure them with the fact that our waters are mostly calm and smooth to ride. Even the “hard cases” of people prone to motion sickness are often just fine with a tab of Dramamine as a backup plan.
What size of group can your boat cruises accommodate?
Each of our cruise boats can carry as many as six people, making them perfect for family adventures and small groups. Unlike the large boat operations, you get to enjoy the peace and privacy of a boat to yourself, away from the tourist crowds– with a captain and crew at your disposal. You won’t have to deal with other strangers, and you get to decide the day’s itinerary among your own group members. If your group numbers more than six people, we can easily take two or more boats to accommodate your numbers. Consider it a cruise flotilla composed of only your own party. The boats are also roomy enough for you to stow any gear or personal items you would like to bring for the day’s adventures.
Why should I choose your boat cruises over the competitors?
Most tour boat operators offer a set of pre-planned or “canned” boat tours, so the extent of your choice is choosing how long a cruise you want (which in turn determines where you can go). With our cruises, the unlimited buffet of choices is open to you. And the boat and its captain are entirely at your command. If you have specific destinations in mind, we have the local knowledge to get you there. Just in case you want to leave the specific locations up to us, we will ask you what type of experiences you would most enjoy, and we employ our inside knowledge to take you to the places best suited to the experience you are looking for. You can leave the boat’s operation entirely up to us and simply relax on your cruise, or you can take a turn at the wheel yourself. Consider yourself admiral for a day!
What different types of boat cruises do you offer?
You can begin your booking by considering the menu of different cruise types we offer:


  • Dolphin boat cruises and tours
  • Crab Island cruise (with options that include water park, snorkeling, and floating attractions from restaurants to music stages)
  • Sunset cruises
  • Destin Harbor tours

Or build your own adventure rather than choosing from the pre-set options.

What are the attractions of boat tours in Destin?
One of the most relaxing and enjoyable activities in Florida is the opportunity to cruise through the turquoise waters off our shores in a comfortable and cushioned cruise boat. In addition to the joy of the boat ride itself, our tours can offer you the additional excitement of swimming with dolphins, snorkeling with colorful reef fish, exploring local islands and beaches, and enjoying the sights under the guidance of a knowledgeable local captain. Whether you would just like to enjoy the warm breeze while you speed across the open water, or pull up at a beach to collect seashells and sand dollars, our boat and crew are at your disposal for the day’s adventures!



Dolphin Tours in Destin Florida

Dolphin cruises in Destin, Florida give visitors the chance to witness the wonder and beauty of the dolphins. These mammals are known to have a mystical connection with humans that is unlike any other creature. Here at Wet-N-Wild Water Sports, we provide that connection between human and dolphins on an intimate level like no other Destin dolphin cruise. For years we have been connecting humans with the local bottle nosed dolphins in the natural habitat of the Destin Harbor and surrounding waters.

By taking a jet ski or pontoon boat rental out to the dolphin’s playgrounds, we can get you that up close and personal dolphin interaction you’ve always dreamed of. No man made dolphin pools or fake tricks here; just the natural wonder of the emerald water, the dolphins free will and you! Wet-N-Wild Water Sports prides ourselves on being able to offer such a unique and organic dolphin experience.  This is one activity you don’t want to miss! Call (850) -344-1659 to reserve the most adventurous dolphin cruise Destin area has around today!